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Business Coordination

Aero Solutions approaches an old concept with a new outlook to create better, more efficient business development between the Japanese aerospace industry and the world. We can help provide the support you need to break into the Japanese Market and succeed where many companies have failed. You will work closely with our foreign team of Japanese business culture experts with an international mindset that understand your global needs.


We provide second to none business consulting to our clients from all over the world. We understand the problems that are likely to arise and the steps needed to mediate unforeseen difficulties. Japan is a difficult market to navigate, so let the experts guide you to the best solutions.


Our highly fluent multilingual staff can work through barriers, help meet deadlines, streamline processes and create success for you in Northern Asia.Elements of Project Coordination we specialize in:
・Project Management
・Logistics Management
・Translation & Interpretation
– Business and Technical
・Business and Strategic Planning
・Business Solutions
・Cross cultural negotiation


Experienced in a wide range of products, we can provide export and import services at highly competitive rates. We specialize in small to medium sized machinery, heavy equipment and aerospace chemicals.


Who uses our services

  • Aerospace Tooling Companies
  • Airframe Manufacturers
  • Aerospace Technology Manufacturers
  • Corporate Officers
  • Human Resource Dispatch Companies
  • International Trading Companies

How they use them

  • To find new suppliers/partners in Japan
  • To save projects and meet deadlines
  • To access markets, research competitors and identify opportunities
  • To pioneer markets and capture business
  • To assess qualitative operational risks
  • To prioritize resource allocation

Our services can help you

  • Obtain targeted business
  • Gain critical Japanese market insight
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Find the competitive advantage to grow your market share
  • Make informed decisions on product development and resource allocation
  • Develop ideas to make business-critical decisions


We create flexible, cost effective, smart solutions to streamline your business by enabling you to quickly and efficiently navigate the Japanese business world. Specializing in Japanese Aerospace business and market development since 2009; we offer end-to-end business solutions from project planning and contract negotiation to ongoing client support and relationship maintenance.
Company name Aero Solutions Inc.
Company Date of establishment 2009 September
President Noriharu Nishimura
Main customer Aero
Ascent Aerospace,
Pratt & Whitney
Location 2-26-10 Izumi, Higashi-ku Nagoya, Japan


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